A Prayer For Israel

O Lord, mighty Lion of Judah, I appeal to you today on behalf of Israel. I acknowledge modern political Israel is not the same as Biblical Israel, but I also recognize your word is enduring, and that you seem to have indicated there is a specific plan and place for the offspring of Abraham in your heart and will and for the future of the world. Therefore, I rise today to bless them: I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I ask peace be within her walls and security within her towers.

I also pray, Almighty God, for Israel to be not only be protected from her enemies and those who wish her harm, but I also pray for protection from her instincts of revenge and retribution. Protect Israel from doing what later generations will look back on with shame and regret. Guard the leadership, the military, and the people from bad decisions, from adding atrocities one on top of each other as if that balances things out.

As I pray for Israel, I acknowledge that I do not know the way forward for two different and distinct peoples to live so close to each other while both claiming the same bit of earth. Please send people who are smart enough and wise enough to lead the peoples to a solution in such a way all can experience shalom — and all that it means–that no mother or child of any religion or race must fear violent explosions that destroy life and steal the future.

I also pray for the day to come soon of which Isaiah saw — that day when swords will be beaten into ploughshares, and spears will be crafted into pruning hooks, a time when nations will no longer lift up their fighter jets and suicide bombers against one another, and they will train for war no more. I pray this for Israel and Palestine, I pray this for Ukraine and Russia, I pray this for Eritrea and Ethiopia, and I pray this for the civil wars in Yemen and Syria.

I pray these things in submission to the will of God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.