Corsair Fondue

The Fondue Writer’s Club continues our ‘free story’ motif this week with Memorial Day themed literature. Today’s featured piece is from Paul Bennett, who gives us the store of brave soldiers and one determined pilot battling for liberty in the heart of the Pacific during World War II. For those of you interested, it has connections to some other stories Paul has written here — excellent ones I might add. Click on the World War II era map of Okinawa to read ‘Angels On Our Soldiers’, and then I have other links below that for the two stories related to this one.

Enjoy the story, but remember, though these are fictions, it is a fact that many have paid the ultimate price for us to enjoy the liberty we have right now.

To read Paul’s ‘Easter On Okinawa’ click here.

To read the story he wrote for Christmas, click here for ‘Let This Be Your Last Battle’.

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