Free Hot Chocolate And Goose Bumps

This story is like a car trip. You’re in the passenger seat, and just about the time you think you’ve figured out where the driver is taking you, she or he turns left unexpectedly. Then, you readjust yourself and you think you know where the car is headed now, but the driver turns right and you don’t have a clue where this is headed.

That is exactly what Rob Cely does to us with today’s free Halloween story, “The House on 159 Cedar Hill”. I think you’ll enjoy it. Do keep in mind that because it is Cely, there is an occasional swear word (I think Rob is a Presbyterian), which is not normal for the Greenbean blog, but you’ve been warned.

Before I give you the link two bits of news from the Fondue Writers Club. First, we have committed to writing you short stories for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as well, so be on the lookout for those. Second, our collection of COVID themes stories is available for preorder. It is called “The COVID Quarantine Cantina”. Go preorder fifteen copies at Amazon right now. Do it!

Click on the cup of hot chocolate to read “The House on 159 Cedar Hill”, if you dare!

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