I Knew Jim Should Have Never Trusted That Devil — But You Can Trust Free!

Joe Shaw has done it again — written a brilliant piece of literature that manages to get murder, flirtatious coworkers playing cards, and RUSH. This is the third of four parts. Next week Shaw drops the finale on us. I can’t wait. He has links to the first two parts once you make the jump in case you haven’t read those yet. You’ll define want to read or re-read those.

My co-conspirators and I are writing these stories for you free — no paywall, no newsletter signup, no gimmicks to make your life in COVID Captivity a little more enjoyable. If you like our stuff, consider buying our books over at The Amazon. In the meantime, enjoy another completely free story!

Click on the SH in RUSH (which can also stand for Shaw) to read Part Three: Slivers of Light.

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