Today two writer friends and I are launching something for your benefit. We are publishing some free stories — and we mean free — no paywalls, no newsletter sign-ups, no gimmicks. Some are short and some are longish. The one I am sharing later this week is longish. It is a brush up on an old short story that only people with the same last name as me read when I published it seven years ago. Today, though, we launch with Joe Courtemanche’s fun story about a particularly disturbed COVID-19 patient. Oh, and BTW — all of these stories are ‘COVID-19’ related because . . . well because.

Click the picture of Joe and his dog to read the under five minute story. Don’t be startled by the pistol on top of the Bible. Joe is a softy, he just doesn’t want you to know it.

Click on Joe’s Santa beard to read his great story

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