HELP! Greenbean Needs Your Opinion

I need to pick a new picture of me for our church newsletter. Of course, we go low budget around here, so any picture we use will likely be one taken on my iPhone. All my iPhone pics are on Facebook. I scrounged Facebook and found these pictures that I think could work. The problem is no picture of me is very good (not much to work with there) so it really boils down to picking the best of the worst. So here they are–register your vote at the end, and come back later to check and see who is winning. For the record, I do not promise to abide by the electoral decision.

Game Time Jamie
Theologian Pastor Jamie
Bucees Big Drink Jamie
Happy Church Camp Jamie
Beard Stroking Jamie
Not Happy Church Camp Jamie
Jazz Hands Jamie
Magnum P.I. Jamie

After you click your choice, be certain to click on “VOTE” to record your selection.





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