I Need To Re-Think My Life

Friday I was in town, so I swung by the dry cleaning place to get my laundry. Most of the trousers I wear for work are dry-clean only, so I go there a couple of times a month.

I have never, ever, ever never, spoken to the woman who works the counter about any personal aspects of my life. Unless she googled me, there is no way she knows anything about me other than I am well-dressed.

Until Friday.

Friday, we had this conversation.

HER: “Are you a pastor?”

ME: “Why do you ask? It’s the hair, isn’t it?”

HER: “No, not your hair.”

ME: “Then what makes you think that?”

HER: “You’ve just got that pastor-vibe.”

This is a horrible development.

I need to make some changes, because the last thing I ever want is to have a pastor-vibe, whatever that is. Something has gone terribly wrong.

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