FullSizeRenderI am far from an expert on college basketball (or any basketball, for that matter), but that doesn’t stop me from filling out a bracket.  I generally use three criteria in determining winners.  First, I am a homer.  That means schools from Washington, Texas, The Big 12 and the PAC 12 get preferential treatment.  Second, colleges and universities with really great divinity schools are usually forwarded.  Teams that pray hard play hard.  Finally, I generally vote against the snobbish basketball schools–you know, Kentucky, Indiana, and Georgetown.  Duke is a snob school too, but they have a great divinity school so that trumps the snobbishness.

Early Upsets

I have Eastern Washington upsetting Georgetown, Michigan State upsetting Virginia in the second round, Texas beating Notre Dame (I’m a total homer on that one, and yes, I know that my Horns have been underachievers this year, but still, the talent is there), and Ohio State beating Virginia Commonwealth.

Sweet 16 Picks

My Sweet 16 is Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Baylor, Arizona, Villanova, Louisville, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Duke, Stephen F. Austin (another homer pick-GO LUMBERJACKS), Iowa State, and Gonzaga.

Of course, Gonzaga will lose to Iowa State because YOU CANT TRUST GONZAGA!  Every year I pick them to go deep (I had them in the Final Four last year) and they bow out early.  It pains me to keep Kentucky in, but they are the favorites.  I should also note that I am 50/50 on Wichita State verses Kansas.  It would not “shock” me if the “Shockers” beat the Jayhawks.

Final Four

My Final Four are Kentucky, Baylor, Villanova, and Iowa State.  In the championship game, think the Bears will beat the Cyclones 75-73 on the strength of their seminary/divinity school.

Before you put any real stock in this, keep in mind I was 0 for 4 in picking last years Final Four.

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