This morning I’m in the study working, and listening to Bob Dylan.  Specifically his song “The Levee’s Gonna Break” and the oldest sprout comes in to work on the other computer.

Bob Dyan still has a pulse.
Bob Dyan still has a pulse.

Sprout:  “What are you listening to?”

Me:  “Bob Dylan.”

Sprout:  “When did he die?”

Me:  “He is not dead.”

Sprout:  “Oh.  Are you sure?”

Me:  “He is alive.  He is not dead, yet.”

Sprout:  “He must be really old then.”

Now I feel old.  Poor Bob Dylan has reached Abe Vigoda status.  Of course, you have to be old enough to know who Abe Vigoda is.



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6 thoughts on “BOB DYLAN IS NOT DEAD YET

  1. I was thinking that your daughter believes that you only listen to deceased artists. If you could stand it, throw on some Ha Ha and mess with her head. 😉


  2. My daughter radiates the utter certainty that her parents are outdated fossils who rubbed shoulders with the dinosaurs and who listen to antiquated music (Yes? Genesis? Freaking Heart!?!). You are not alone, brother.

    Hang in there.


    1. it i hard for me to communicate to my children just how great the music was back in the day compared to the auto-tuned stuff that passes for music now. Yes, Genesis, Heart, Credence, Hendrix, The Stones, U2, and oh the list goes on.
      i certainly do feel fossilized.


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