If you’re into flash fiction, here is a prompt for you.  It is being sponsored by my publisher over at bardandbook.com, and, can you believe it, they asked me to write the prompt for this month!  I know, right!

The way we intend this to work is different from your usual flash fiction.  Instead of each participant writing a whole story of 500 words or so, each participant will contribute a paragraph or two (or even a tweet or two) and then when the story gets up to around 3000 words or so, we will cut it off.  Let’s see how this works.

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So, here is your prompt:

Sarah and Chloe played with dolls, crayons, and a vast array of colorful toys.  Time stood still for them, until there was a knock at the door.  “No one else is supposed to be home,” Chloe said to her friend Sarah, her eyes widened in fright.  Sarah, though, had already turned the knob to open the door.  What happened next has been a matter of debate for some time.  


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4 responses to “FLASH FICTION, WITH A TWIST”

  1. According to Chloe, a woman was on the door step, drenched from the rain that had kept them in the house all day. When the woman saw Sarah, she knelt down and whispered something in her ear. Before Chloe could get up from her toys, Sarah looked back at her with fear in her eyes, took the woman’s hand, and disappear into the storm.

    • Chloe said she was so frightened she didn’t think to chase the woman and Sarah. Instead, she dashed to the telephone in the kitchen, found Aunt Jane’s number her Mom had printed in bold red-and-blue, and quickly punched in the digits. The line was busy! She tried again and again. Same result!

      • Chloe replaced the handset and, with widening eyes, glanced around the deserted kitchen. Now what should she do? Shrilly, the telephone rang, startling her. Without thinking, Chloe grabbed the receiver and thrust it up up her ear. “Hello?” Sarah’s voice, which sounded miles away or underground came across. “Chloe, you’ve got to get out of that house right now!”

  2. A double click on the line caused Chloe to ask, “Who else is on this line?” Silence. With dry lips she asked again, more soflty, “Hello?” All she could hear was steady breathing in the earpiece and the theme song from “Daniel Boone” playing on the on the other end of the party line.

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