On Thursday a tweet came through my tweet machine that said something like, “Can you write a story in 140 characters.”  Of course, it didn’t mean 140 different characters in some kind of sprawling story with all these different people in it.  It meant a Twitter story with only 140 spaces.  Here is the tweet.


I was immediately hooked.  I like a writing challenge.  I have written before on this blog about the greatest and shortest story ever written, and have always been intrigued by brevity.  My feeling is that most contemporary authors use far too many words, which is evidence of an undisciplined mind and an even more undisciplined keyboard.

So this is what I wrote.


I liked my story because it has a certain romance to it, an implied double entendre that is neither vulgar or even immoral.  It also engages the imagination, which is what all art seeks to do.  What was it they did?  How do they know each other?  Where did the cab take them?

I liked my little Twitter story, and I hope you did too.  Of course, I’ve also written longer stories that you can read.  Click on the ‘Buy Jamie’s Stories’ tab above.

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  1. He said, “You 2 inspire me 2 luv my wife better. They blushed. He wept. They left in separate cars, to different homes. He loved. They wept.

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