I think, sometimes, that I enjoy the commercials that come on while I’m watching television more than the actual program I am watching.  I do not know if it is that I admire the ability to tell a story in 30 seconds or that I have aspirations to become an advertising executive.  Either way, I enjoy some of the commercials I see.  Also, as a trend, it is nice to see that the best commercials are no longer beer commercials, who monopolized the market on clever commercials for far too long.  Here are four commercials I really like, and I swiped them straight from Youtube.  Please keep in mind this is no way an endorsement for any of these products, unless of course one of them is wanting to sponsor The Pastor Greenbean Blog with a little seed money . . .

A Dad With A Great Idea

Go dad!  I’m with him.  The only thing that would have made this more realistic and more like my experiences with my daughter is if a baseball bat was prominently displayed in the front seat and then the last scene showed him fingering the Glock in a hip holster and then cue the last song as Blondie’s classic, “One way, or another, I’m gonna get ya. . . ”

Heart Healthy in Two Ways

What I like about this commercial is two-fold.  First, the kid is just adorable and I remember my daughters piling things on top of me whenever I would catnap on the couch.  The second thing I like is that it portrays an interracial family–a white mother, a black father, and this precious little bi-racial child and the whole thing is shown as perfectly normal, just the way it ought to be.  There is a little bit of Gospel in that commercial.

Next They Will Do One About Spam

The famous one of these is the “totes ma goats” one, but I still haven’t figured out exactly what that means.  I like this one because since January it has been a common email theme of mine as I whittle away at all the email lists I found myself on over the past 15 years.  I guess that is the result of having the same email for so long.  Besides, I love the concept–two great actors–Darth Vader and Dr. Soran– trading in pedestrian communication.  There is also a ‘lost’ commercial that is just like a phone call Kim and I often have so I can’t resist sharing it too.

I’m Watching This

What’s not to love about these?  That guy is the one who pulls it all together, and he reminds me of myself at children’s camp.

One More Time, With Mayhem

I couldn’t leave this without including probably the best reoccurring commercial personality since Mr. Whipple.

I’ve Had Enough of Some, Though

For the record, there are a few television commercials and their themes I need to see go away, soon.  Let’s start with Flo from Progressive.  Yeah, her 15 minutes have been up for a while now.  Then there are all those dating websites–no more eHarmony, Christian mingle, and for the love of all that is good and decent who decided to put on television?  While we’re at it, let’s ax the ED commercials where the guys are supposed to be all smart and know it all, but somehow they keep getting their horses stuck in the mud, buy bottled water to put in their car radiator, and end up being the only dope working late at the factory.


  1. I also love the one with the adorable little girl who puts cereal on her father. But I must admit I am starting to love any commercial that is G rated. I cannot see how they can put sex into anything from window cleaners to hamburgers. years ago I stopped buying anything Calvin Klein because of their commercials but I am starting to rethink my position because If I don’t I won’t be eating or walking into grocery store or car lot. I am just a visiting this world, I don’t have to make myself at home here. Praise God!

    • yeah, r-rated commercials are a joykiller for me too. the problem is, they’ve always been with us. a friend of mine has been posting vintage ads from the ’50s on his facebook page and they are shocking.

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