As I gaze into the future, I see ten major developments in the year 2014.  I am not saying I want all of these things to happen (except number 2, and the first part of 6, that is), but I think they will, or at least half of them.  Okay, maybe one of these might actually happen.

Remember, this is for amusement and speculation only.  I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet.  These are just guesses, and they are listed in no particular order, so being #1 is not more significant than being #10.

10.  Congress will pass a budget and end sequestration and government shutdowns.

9.  Subterranean life will be discovered on Mars.

8.  The ‘Tea Party’ wing of American politics will begin a slow but certain decline in influence.

7.  William Snowden will win the Noble Peace Prize.

6.  Lady Gaga will disappear, never to be heard from again.  (Bonus prediction, Justin Bieber will sadly not stay retired.)

5.  Pope Francis will aggressively seek real unification with Protestants in order to halt the tide of growing global secularism.

4.  Egypt will revert to a monarchy.

3.  Iran will detonate a nuclear bomb.

2.  The Seattle Seahawks will win the Superbowl.  Finally.

1.  There will be a scandal involving Facebook, which will cause people to flee the social network giant.

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

2014 sparkling image from http://blog.search-mojo.com/2013/12/10/six-mobile-remarketing-ppc-resolutions-for-2014/

13 responses to “2014 PREDICTIONS”

    • doug–if we get to the big game again, i have ever confidence we’ll win it. what i’m most worried about is the last game of the year–losing it and losing the home field advantage. that would be a morale breaker, i think.

  1. 10, 8 and 5 I would pray for. 7 seems possible. 9 seems very unlikely. 3 is a worst case scenario. I will add a few.
    11. There will be a major oil spill in Alaska along the pipeline but because only the environment will be threatened, no one will much notice.
    12. Canada and Russia will have a serious crisis over claims to the Arctic and Russia will begin a naval build up on Siberia’s coast.
    13. OK, that’s all for me. I want to make a good prediction but…. let’s see…. A new closest star will be discovered, only two light years away with planets. That’s sort of good in a curiosity kind of way.

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