Not a long post here.  Just something I thought was funny.

I worked this morning on some things, but at lunch I ate my peanut butter sandwich and watched a tv show I DVR’d yesterday.  The tv show was Meet the Press (I know I know, I’m hopeless) and it was actually quite interesting as the legacy of Nelson Mandela was discussed.  But toward the end of the program I noticed something that made me giggle.  I giggled so much I took a picture of my television with my iPad.  Weird, right.

Meet The Press, Sunday December 8 2013
Meet The Press, Sunday December 8 2013

Can you spot what made me laugh?

Well, let me tell you.  The panelists opposite David Gregory are, in order from left to right as you look, Paul Gigot, Tom Brokaw, Katty Kay, and Al Sharpton.  It looks like Brokaw is in Gigot’s lap, and Al Sharpton can’t seem to get far enough to the edge of the glass table.  I’m not joking, they have given Katty Kay (from the BBC) a tremendously wide birth.  Do you see it?  What did she do?

Did she belch?  Is she flatulent?  Does her breath smell bad?  Does she swear off camera?  Does she have leprosy?

Maybe it is because she is the only female on the panel, I don’t know, but it just looked funny.

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