I’ve already posted once this week about my reflections on Halloween, so I will spare you that again.  Just know that at some point tonight I will watch Linus give the Great Pumpkin sermon.

photo from wikipedia
photo from wikipedia

Instead, today I want to provide a public service.  Just like I did on the other frightening day, Friday the 13th, I am providing those of you who like a good story some free plot ideas, Halloween themed of course, to develop or to think about or tell as ghost stories around the campfire.  When I am finished with that, I must return to work on my own monster story which I hope to release in December.

Plot 1–The ghost of Buddy Holly haunts Justin Bieber until Bieber finally publicly admits he has no talent and is a sham.  Once that happens, Holly can now enter eternity at peace, having rid the world of untold pain and suffering.

Plot 2–A man is driving home from work on Halloween and he has a flat tire.  While repairing the tire, he is abducted by aliens.  Instead of conducting experiments on him, though, the aliens just want to know which house is giving out the best candy.

Plot 3–The local high school football team is playing their rival on Halloween night.  The game is close and comes down to the final kick, but the field goal kicker misses the uprights.  On the bus ride home the quarterback of the team conjures the spirit of a long dead witch who tells the boys they can go back in time and win the game if they sacrifice the kicker (the goat) on a burning pyre of dried cattle dung.

Plot 4–It is All Hallow’s Eve and Miley Cyrus accidentally comes across a Jesuit Priest (or maybe a Baptist Pastor?) who expels the demons from the entertainer and heals her soul.  Afterwards, she no longer can make money for her masters so the record company sues the priest and the Roman Catholic Church (The Southern Baptist Convention?)  Okay, I sort of swiped this plot from Acts 16:16-24 but you have to admit, it makes sense.

Plot 5–A group of idealists and zealots on the left and the right conspire to take over the government and force the nation into debt-fueled policies that choke liberty and muffle expression and privacy.  Oh, wait, sorry, this is from my list of documentary ideas.

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  1. I especially like plot #1. I have thought of writing – if I had talent for such things – a spoof on Star Wars in which the conflict was between the Serious Side of the Force and the Silly Side of the Force. I was unsure whether Luke Skywalker should be the serious or the silly, though. I think probably silly, with Darth Vader the serious one. If you like the idea, go for it. If done well it could even be made into a movie. Your fortune could be made.

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