As you probably know, Greenbean is not a superstitious person.  I trust in the Lord, and he is not whimsical.

However, I enjoy a good spooky story.  Not gory, but spooky.  One of my favorite things about pastoring was every year at children’s camp I would tell a spooky story (okay, age appropriate spooky for 4th graders) around the campfire.  My book has the word “Haunting” in the title and my new novel (hopefully published next year) has elements of spooky in it, so I really like a frightening tale.  I even have my own line of monster stories, Deep Cove and Deep Cove: The Party Crasher.

So, I give you a gift today on this Friday the 13th.  I give you five free plots for a story that I think would be frightening, or at least, freakish.  The first and the last are my favorites.

Plot One:  In the year 4023 religion has melded with pop culture so much that towns all across North America sacrifice bunnies on an altar of chocolate every Easter as atonement for sins.  A group of misfit students discover the truth in ancient writings they found buried on the “world wide net” and they decrypt it.  Eventually, they attempt to convince their traditionalist bunny slaughtering elders to change their ways and return to the true way of faith.

Plot Two:  Come to find out, cockroaches and mice are sentient and have formed an alliance against humanity and cats.

Plot Three:  During a freakish meteor storm, the magnetic poles of the earth change and everybody in North America begins speaking with an Australian accent and Australia begins to systematically invade countries in the Middle East.  Meanwhile, Russia begins growing coffee and Brazil becomes world’s largest exporter of rice.

Plot Four:  In the not too distant future time travel is invented but it is controlled by McDonald’s and the Wal-Mart.

Plot Five:  This is a mash-up.  Because the wizards in the wizardry world of Harry Potter keep causing so much trouble in the real world, MI6 sends James Bond to Hogwarts to solve the problem.  After seducing the much older Hermione, he teams up with the noble Ron to stop the ever growing power of the megalomaniac Harry Potter.  Turns out, a wand is much slower than a Walther PPK.

So there, some free plots to think about on this Friday the 13th.

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