I am finally getting around to reading the Fall Leadership Journal.  I know, I better hurry because the Winter copy will soon be here.  I’ve tried to read them on my iPad, but there is such a lag time between the release of the print version and the digital one.  I don’t know why that is so.  My administrator and I are certain it is Lifeway’s fault.

But, back to the topic.  I didn’t get very far before I found an interesting article on possible location changes for church services and/or Bible studies.  The main article was about having Bible studies in bars or pubs.  Not a bad idea all around, I think, but the main question I have is who is going to pick up the tab?

The article went on to list possible venues and locations for studying different books of the Bible.  Here was their clever list:

The Zoo: Genesis

County Jail: Exodus

Butcher Shop: Leviticus

Courthouse: Judges

Burger King: Chronicles

Dairy Queen: Esther

Hard Rock Café: Psalms

Aquarium: Jonah

Doctor’s office: Luke

Community Theater: Acts

Stadium: Romans

Synagogue: Hebrews

The Beach: Revelation

Now, their list got me thinking, so I made my own list that was specific to the Pacific Northwest.

  • Hoh Rainforest: Genesis
  • Moses Lake: Exodus
  • Microsoft: Leviticus
  • Chateau St. Michelle: Judges
  • Seattle Downtown Library: Chronicles
  • Queen Anne: Esther
  • Experience Music Project: Psalms
  • Orcas Island: Jonah
  • Amazon Headquarters: Luke
  • Pike’s Place Market: Acts
  • The Space Needle: Romans
  • Starbucks: Hebrews
  • Mt. St. Helens: Revelation

I made a bonus one, Ezekiel: Boeing.  I’d like to hear some of your ideas . . . so comment away!


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