Last night was the last of three presidential debates, but it was the first one I’ve been able to watch in real time.  All the others, including the VEEP debate I watched after I got home from work.  Please keep in mind, I am completely nonpartisan when it comes to this stuff.  There are things I like about both candidates, and things I don’t like about both candidates.  I believe Jesus is the hope of the earth, not politics or any nation, and I believe that only Jesus and his church are indispensable.

But I do enjoy the political talk, the posturing and the election season.  Now that the debates are over, the only thing left is election day.  I live in Washington so we really don’t have an election day because it is vote by mail (which I hate!)

I had fun last night, though, as I tweeted during the debate my thoughts.  Here are my tweets and retweets, and some of the responses I got.  These do not include private messages, most of which were about Romney’s hair or the President’s pink bracelet.  I kept retweeting Eric Metaxas because his observations were, to me, hilarious.   Also, please note, the tweets are in reverse order, so the beginning is at the bottom, so you might want to start there and read up.  I was too lazy to cut-n-paste them in chronological order.

Thomas McKenzie ‏@thomasmckenzie

I love America, but Jesus is the hope of the earth. #debate

Retweeted by Jamie Greening


i agree, tie goes to to romney. he went toe to toe.  RT @edstetzer: I am terrible at this, but I call #TheDebate a tie. What do you think?

debates over–wow, 7-0 giants. go west coast!

@Roger_Sharp but his hair looks great. nation building at home starts at the barber.

Romney has a hair out of place.

romney’s tie is giving me vertigo. #debate

pink bracelet. nonverbal communication.

this #debate wound be more fun if #ron Paul were on the platform.

Obama looks angry. paging dr. banner.

every time they say “crippling sanctions” it hurts my knees. #debate

Iran has a choice. the red pill or the blue pill.

fewer horses and bayonets! awesome! nicely played mr president.

yep. RT @MaxLucado: One of these two guys is a week away from the biggest job in the world. Let’s be praying!

4th graders in mass. the key to foreign policy. #debate

did Obama just claim he was a small business?

thanks for sharing Romney. we’ve never heard your plan before. #debate. so rehearsed

danger mr president, danger. mentioning oil and gas not a plus for you. $5 a gallon gas?

“Okay, this is boring. Let’s lose the desk, duct tape your wrists together, & give you each a switchblade.” – Schieffer #debate

governor, America cannot bring peace. that can’t be our purpose!

the president’s hands are huge.

Romney uses the word partners. Obama uses friends. interesting.

Is it me, or is Romney’s tan getting deeper and deeper and deeper! It’s mesmerizing! I think my meds might be playing a role here…

wow-romney’s lapel flag is 3x the size of the president’s. overcompensating for lack of knowledge?

nice! after the election…nice references.

yep RT @Greg_S_Miller: @jamiedgreening I wish Obama would say what he would do, together than just slam Romney

yeah, the president never sends mixed messages.

first point to Obama. #debate. citing un scholars not a good idea.

“we can’t kill our way out if this mess” sounds like a video game slogan.

Romney is tipping his masseuse right about now…

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