My hatred for snow is pretty well documented among those people who have shared life with me.  However, one particular snowy day when I was complaining to the Lord about ice flakes falling from the heavens, he rebuked me.  I had just finished praying and was now turning to my devotional readings and my reading for that day was from Psalm 147.


He sends out his command to the earth;

His word runs swiftly.

He gives snow like wool;

He scatters hoarfrost like ashes.

He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs;

Who can stand before his cold?

He sends out his word, and melts them;

He makes his wind blow and the waters flow.


These words come in a passage describing God’s unique blessings to Israel.  Snow is, therefore a blessing.  The Lord dealt with me sternly on the subject that morning.  Regardless of how much I might not enjoy it, snow is a part of his plan for the world and apparently for my life.  Therefore, as I see the snow falling outside the window of my study this morning, I am working on some positive things about snow.

Positive Thing 1:  It helps kill off bugs and insects.  A good snow accompanied by cold weather can significantly reduce bugs and pests this summer.  Snow now means a more enjoyable cook-out in July.

Positive Thing 2:  Many of the people I know are in the medical field.  All of this ice and snow should create many broken bones and busted lips in need of stitching.  In a way, the snow keeps people with plenty of employment opportunities.

Positive Thing 3:  In a related issue, nothing creates work for auto-body repair shops like inclement weather.  This could bring the economy out of a recession.

Positive Thing 4:  I probably had too much discretionary income anyway.  The extra money I will have to pay for home heating oil will alleviate me of the added burden of spending money.

Positive Thing 5:  Yellow snow.

Positive Thing 6:  The landscape looks picture perfect right up until it all melts and turns to a muddy nightmare.

See, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about the snow.  The weather forecast indicates that this should continue through today and be especially heavy tomorrow and not end until Wednesday afternoon when it all turns to rain.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough.  Until then, I will meditate upon these positive thoughts.  Ooh, I just thought of another one . . .

Positive Thing 7:  If it snows enough the power will probably go out and that will give me a chance to appreciate not being able to cook for four days or have hot water.

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  1. According the NOAA forecast, the snow will end around 10PM Wednesday and by their maximum amounts forecast between now and then it might come to 17 inches. The minimum forecast amounts would be around 8 inches. Take heart, the mountains are looking at over 4 feet.

    • doug–i have likewise seen these revised forecasts. some reports indicate it may continue through thursday. this one thing i know for sure–i’ll be headed to the grocery store tomorrow to get some more hot cocoa!

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