I am temporarily interrupting my 2011 Greenbean Blog reviews (tomorrow, I promise to get out #2) but I wanted to get my predictions for the Iowa caucuses tonight out there.  Now remember, Pastor Greenbean is not endorsing any candidate or party.  I do the same thing with the democrats as I do the republicans–I just enjoy watching it, much like someone might watch a football in which neither team is your team.  I play for team Jesus, and the last time I checked he never endorses candidates or parties.  But, here goes my predictions.

35%–Ron Paul.  This reflects a general disqualification with the status quo.

27%–Rick Santorum.  His ground game in Iowa is greatly underestimated.

22%–Newt Gingrich.  Its hard to believe, but he is still a viable candidate to many GOP’ers.

12%–Mitt Romney.  I just don’t think most Republicans, especially very conservative ones, trust Romney and they will have a hard time voting for him.

Okay, there you have it.  Let the record reflect I post this at 3:21 PST, well before any results are posted.

We’ll see what happens.



It appears I got some things right and some things wrong.  The complete results show that I was right about Santorum’s ground game and doing well but I was wrong about the way conservatives would break.  I thought in the end more would break for Paul than for Romney.  I clearly underestimated his ability to persuade hardened conservatives.  I thought more of those folks would break for the evil Newt.  I’m just glad I was right about something.


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