Last month Mrs. Greenbean and I escaped away to Leavenworth, Washington for a couple of nights (Thanks Sheila and Steve for watching the girls) in the beautiful Cascade Mountains.  Afterward, my beautiful bride posted about her experiences under her blog, Sophie Grumble.  Well, someone named Susan Amestoy stumbled upon that blog and asked us to write a short account of how we met for her blog and possible upcoming book deal.  I did.  You can follow the link below for the story titled “One Two Three” on her website.  You will also find a photo of us in the gallery there from our honeymoon long ago in Stresa, Italy.

“One Two Three” on the So…How Did You meet Anyway blog.



  1. Love love love! What a beautiful story! I commented on the blog.

    And as a side note… In March of 1992, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary. I totally can’t believe I’ve been married longer than you two have… I guess because our kids are younger…?? Anyway…

    Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂



    1. yeah, its hard to believe i am even old enough to have children who are in high school! time flies so quickly. what i have discovered to be true, though, is that he longer we are married, the better being married gets. i can’t imagine life any other way than being with kim. i’m glad you liked the story. i had to leave much out because it had to be 500 words, and, as a preacher and a writer, i can sneeze 10,000 words!


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