Two (or is it three?) times a week my wife and daughters sneak up very close to idol worship.  No, its not Baal or Molech or even Caesar that are problems for them.  It is the television show American Idol.  All three of them have some kind of addiction to the program.  I thought that might go away after Paula left the show.  I was wrong.  Although I must admit Paula Abdul did make the show very interesting.

But when they watch, I must find something else to do.  I just can’t watch it.  Its not that the show is awful.  It is just that I do not like amateurish music.  If I want music, I will listen to the iPod.  So, here is what I should do while they watch idolatry.

  • Take the trash out.  This is my daughters’ job but since they are busy watching television and the weather is so awful, I think I will just go ahead and do it.

(ouch, i can hear the tv in the other room and someone just hit an awful note.  Sounds like a Diana Ross song.)

  • Read.  I may spend some time reading my book.  It is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and its amazing.  The problem is the book is a little intense and the last couple of days have already been intense.  I suppose I might do something else.
  • Work on Twitter Account.  I recently tried to reactivate my twitter account.  It had been dormant for a long while but ever since I saw Jack Dorsey at Catalyst I’ve been thinking it was time to get it going again.  If you’re interested you can follow me @jamiedgreening.  What really needs to be done is get my profile pic up.   My Facebook profile pic ought to do nicely.
  • Check out Beard web-pages.  One of the things which humor me is to surf the internet and look at web-pages dedicated to beard and beard growing.  The Beard Coach and All About Beards are two of the best.  Someday I hope to have a truly excellent beard.  I am not there, but I’m working on it.

(Ugh.  I can hear the television in the next room.  Someone tell JLo to be quiet.  She is repeating herself over and over and over.)

  • Work.  I am very far behind in work.  Traveling last week combined with the extra work of starting the Holy Season and various other interruptions in my regular work schedule have put me far behind.  I should be working on the John 7 sermon, writing something serious, or doing admin work.
  • Maybe I’ll just pop some popcorn and write this blog.

Yo Dog.


  1. You’re blessed to have the focus to read while Idol is on. No matter how terrible something is on television I can’t help but watch it when it’s playing within earshot.
    That’s the burden of my generation I suppose, but it could be worse. The next generation is going to have a conditioned response to reflexively reach for their phone built into most every day activities. Updating Pavlov’s Twitter feed.

    It’s funny that you should mention extravagant facial hair. I just learned fellow Evergreen alumnus of mine won the 2007 World Beard and Mustache Championships, natural full beard, freestyle division. Check out this link: http://www.handlebarclub.co.uk/wbmcwinners.shtml

    • if you can do it, then natural full beard is the way to go. sadly, mine is patchy and not as ‘full’ as a ‘full’ beard should be. i’ve decided to give it another 4 months, which would make a total year since i started growing the full on. if the thing doesn’t improve by then, i will go back to the goatee that i used to have.

      as to sensory input, i’ve been reading a lot of material lately on the way it changing students in college now. apparently mobile devices have ruined any type of long, contemplative discussion or thought process. if it can’t be done in 140 characters or emoticons, then, it can’t be done?

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