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A Quick Update On Our Ugandan Orphanage

Last week we had a scare.

We woke up early Saturday (15 August) to learn the orphanage, Tender Love Care Orphanage in Jinga, Uganda was on the verge of being evicted. They received a notice saying if they didn’t pay $900 US dollars within the next seven days, the amount they were in arrears, then they would be kicked out.

We immediately sent out notices, and within the next four days wonderful people had donated through our GoFundMe page for them (click here) and they saved the day. Mrs. Greenbean received this message today:

The bricks he is referring to is the bricks they are making, themselves, by hand, for their new facility. Through donations, they were able to buy a piece of land. They are making bricks to build the dwelling. When finished, they will not have to worry about landlords any more.

These people make do with so very little. The have over thirty orphans which they care for. Keep Rachel and Dominic and their kiddos in your prayers.

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