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Our Ugandan Orphans Need Your Help

Mrs. Greenbean and I received an urgent request from Tender Love Orphan Care, the orphanage we support in Jinja, Uganda. It is a little involved, so allow me a moment to explain.

A teen student committed suicide. The reason? She was ashamed because she didn’t have feminine products during her period. She bled through her school uniform every month. Her solution was to die.

Rachel, one of the leaders of the orphanage, asked if we could provide $300 as her birthday present to buy pads and other feminine products for these young girls. Help us provide what these girls need, so they can grow up in a healthy environment and thrive. Help us save lives, and make lives better.

Every. Dollar. Matters.

The easiest way to give is through the GoFundMe I set up.  Click on the picture below to send help.


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