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Tuesday in our men’s Bible study we had a great thought. It stemmed from our discussion of Acts 9:36-43.FullSizeRender.jpg

First, let’s just talk about how much prettier the name Tabitha is than Dorcas. I mean, seriously. Tabitha is a great name. Dorcas is unfortunate. Click here for more about Tabitha.

But that was not our thought. Our thought came from imagining what Tabitha said or did right after she came back to life. I put forward the hypothesis that Tabitha might have slapped Peter. She was in heaven, with the Lord, perfect bliss, love, and joy. Then she is yanked back to 1st century Palestine. I think I’d hit Peter too.

That was when one of our guys said something like, “Look, guys, if I die, don’t bring me back. Leave me be.”

We laughed.

Then another man said, “I already have one of those, its called a DNR–Do not resuscitate. If I die, no heroic actions to save me.”

That is when I said, “If we really had deep faith, we’d file a spiritual DNR too. The medical DNR for our doctor, but then a spiritual DNR for our church.”

Consider this blog post my spiritual DNR. Don’t bring me back to life. Leave me with Jesus. I’ll see you guys on Resurrection Day.

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