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Facebook frightens me.  Apparently they have developed some “Next Level” skills.  Check out this ‘reminder’ they gave me over the weekend.

This reminder leads me to believe that they have developed some kind of Jedi mind trick, telepathic portal, or Vulcan mind meld because I can’t for the life of me think how I can send my friend good thoughts.  I can wish her a happy birthday.  I can send her a gift.  I can send her a card.  I can pray for her.  I can ignore her.  What I can’t do is send my thoughts to her.  Unless, of course, they’ve developed a new app for that.  Which, if they have, now we can add that to the list of things FB does that annoy us:  “You have 1,123 game requests, 5,493,393 pokes and 7 thoughts waiting for you.”


I know what they mean, those feel gooders in Zuckerberg’s army, but please cut the metaphysical garbage.  People can have good thoughts, but they can’t send good thoughts.  Facebook may think it is a spiritual portal to enlightenment, but I assure you, it is not.

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