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The most frightening three words right now in the world are:  President Donald Trump.  It is hard to believe anyone takes that guy seriously.  He is a joke.

He Always Looks Angry

Immigration is not a joke.  I am all for policing the border to keep criminals out, but for the most part I advocate for a fairly open border with Mexico and a policy that provides a rigorous path to citizenship yet a relatively easy path to residency.

I entertained myself this morning by imagining what kind of music Trump listens to?  I wonder if any of these songs are on his iPod?

1.  “America” by Neil Diamond–This anthem has been a classic for many years.  I don’t think the Donaldster would appreciate its message.

2.  “Rio” by Duran Duran–I know, the song is about a girl, but she dances “across the Rio Grande.”  That would make her an undocumented dancer, and we can’t have any of that.

3.  “The Hands That Built America” by U2–Trump probably isn’t aware that immigrants from European countries commit crimes too.  I wonder if he’s ever seen The Godfather?

4.  “Illegal Alien” by Genesis–Its no fun being an illegal alien.

5.  “The Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin–Because the Vikings really knew how to rape and pillage in the name of Thor, unlike Mexicans who, by-in-large pray, raise families, and work hard.

Irony alert–all of these songs are by people from European descent, because this is not a Mexican or Latino issue.  It is about racism and hypocrisy.  Trump is a racist who assumes people who do not look like him must de facto be up to no good.  If these immigrants were coming from France or Norway he would welcome them with open arms, and then figure out a way to take their money.

Trump offends me because he is a bully.  Not everyone who disagrees with me on immigration is a bully, and I can understand that people might feel differently.  However, the way Donald Trump goes about this is ugly and mean-spirited.  He is a bully.

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