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Did you see the new Star Wars trailer?

I did.  In case you haven’t, then here you go.

Just like about a billion or so other people, I’m looking forward to seeing what the new Star Wars films have to offer.  I was six when the original Star Wars came out and have been a fan ever since.  I was, and still am, a little worried about J.J. Abrams taking over the franchise.

However, I must admit, the new trailer looked mind blowingly exciting.  Here are five of my initial reactions.

1.  Those shots of the Millennium Falcon looping around in the atmosphere looked amazing.  I could almost hew Chewbacca growl excitement as they flipped.  However, we all know that Chewie is dead.  The Falcon, however, lives!

2.  The Falcon is missing the circular communications array on top.  Has it been blown off?  Upgraded?  Downgraded?  It was a piece of junk 30 years earlier, is this scene we see where they steal it from the junkyard?

3.  If I had one of those triple bladed hilted broad sword style Sith lightsabers, it would be only a matter of seconds before I accidentally disemboweled myself.  Seriously, that thing looks more dangerous than the Death Star.

4.  X-Wings–again, in atmosphere–flying over a frozen lake–and they are sporting the Rogue Squadron insignia.  I am now suddely 8 years old again dreaming of flying an X-Wing.

Imagine me in the cockpit

5.  All the characters we see are new.  I suppose that Daisy Ridley on the sideways landspeeder is Jaina Solo.  I can only hope that the Sith we see is Jacen.  Or Anakin.  Please.  Pretty please.  I am really excited that the first face we see is a black one–played by John Boyega–because the Star Wars universe, as wonderful as it is, has not done a very good job in presenting racial and ethnic diversity among major characters.

Jaina Solo?

None of the images, as we see them, are in context.  They are probably nothing like what we think they are, especially those stormtroopers.  Indeed, it wouldn’t even surprise me if the stormtroopers weren’t a flashback scene of some sort that occurs in the first five minutes of the film.  This was true of all the prequel trailers as well as Abram’s Star Trek reboot trailers.  Plus, I’ve got to believe, (have faith Greenbean, have faith) that those making this film are far too savy to let too much of the story emerge early.

It looks like Star Wars ought to look.  Let’s just hope the writing is as a crisp as the production.

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