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It has been a while coming, but I am pleased to announce that my new novel, The Little Girl Waits, is now on sale.  It is available in paperback, and will be available as an eBook soon.

The cover is from a scene in the book

The story is a full length novel, and in many ways it is a sequel to The Haunting of Pastor Butch Gregory and other Short Stories.  It is a sequel in that it weaves together characters and background introduced in some of those shorts.  Yet, it is not precise to say it is a sequel because the novel goes in a very different direction.

The backdrop of the book is the crisis of child sex trafficking.  You have probably read or heard about this awful, horrible, terrible plaque.  The problem is global, as we have recently been made aware of the plight of those 300 girls in Nigera and the #bringbackourgirls campaign.  The novel, though, is set in the United States and focuses upon the issue at a personal level.  Most of us live our lives as if this problem is somewhere overseas, across the border, or only impacts certain kinds of people.  But that is wrong.  It is in every community and can happen to anyone.  We all have a responsibility to do something, and it is that responsibility that fuels the action in the novel.

Learn more at the book’s website,  You can buy the book there, my publisher, online retailers (Amazon,, or directly from me.  I have a supply of books that I will autograph and send to you at $20 (that includes shipping) each.  Comment below if you want an autographed copy, or you can send a me private message on Facebook or Twitter, or you can always email me at  There is also a Goodreads giveaway contest for the book, as I am giving away 25 free copies.  You can click on the link at the books website.

If you read it and like it, I have one simple request.  Please take a moment to rate it and/or review it at, Goodreads, and  Those ratings and reviews do make a difference.

I hope you like it.


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