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The Facebooks and Interwebs are being invaded by the Zimbio and Buzzfeed quiz armies.  I wrote about these on Monday and hypothesized that there should be a Zimbio Bible character quiz.  More than one person suggested that I should write some of the questions for this much needed quiz.  Okay, challenge accepted.

I’m only doing 5, though, because it is a lot of work coming up with 12 useless, apparently unrelated-to-anything questions with both obscure and obvious references.  However, I already did one just off the cuff in reply to an earlier comment on Monday’s blog so, 20% was done.  Feel free to add questions of your own in the comments, but just make sure that every question needs at least 9 possible answers to from which to choose.

Question One:  Which Johnny Cash Song are you?

Johnny Cash Holding a Kitty Cat

Question Two:  Your preferred Bible translation is . . .

Question Three:  Which classic literary character do you most identify with?

Question Four:  You love which of these groups the most?

Question Five:  You see a bush that is burning, but it is not consumed.  What do you do?

Okay, so those are my five questions.  Let’s see what you guys come up with.

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