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Last night Pastor Greenbean met with his accountability partners at a local burger joint.  I have two men who partner with me in this and we meet somewhat regularly.  Now, I can’t tell you what we talk about because that is confidential—confidentiality is necessary for honest dialogue among people—but I can share with you the basic aspects of accountability that make it necessary for me, and I believe for everyone who takes following Christ seriously.

Perhaps the most important thing about my accountability group is that we pray for each other.  Over time I’ve found that I am emotionally invested in their spiritual needs and I pray for them not because of a list but because my heart is aligned with theirs.  I believe they pray for me in the same way.  There is also the benefit of availability.  If ever I struggle; I know I can call one of these men, or they me; and we would help each other.  That is the beauty of accountability.


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