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One of the things I love so much about my church is the Big Small.  The Big Small is “a small group for big boys.”  Like so many churches we organize our spiritual formations and fellowship primarily around small groups of people.  When I decided to start a small group for men I wanted to emphasize that we were all big boys!  Hence, the Big Small!

Tonight we had our “Big Fun” which is what we call our fun events.  In the past we’ve done everything from barbeque, eat out at a local restaurant, or watch sports.  One of the things we like to do is watch movies.  Last year we watched High Noon—now that is a great movie.  Tonight we watched The Bucket ListThe Bucket List is not a great movie like High Noon, but it is a great movie that makes you think—especially for men.

Now, I can’t tell you how the evening went, because in the Big Small, everything is strictly confidential.  In fact, that is in our creed—“Confidentiality is necessary for honest dialogue among men.”  But I can tell you that even though I’d seen the movie a couple of years ago, it still made me think about life and death, my family, my friends, and what the five or six people who might show up at my funeral might say when I am dead.

I’ve never made anything like a bucket list because life comes at me too fast and I think I would tend to change my list based on what I’m interested in at the time.  For example, five years ago I might have had a bucket list item as “get a book published.”  But, alas, I’ve accomplished that.  What I’ve noticed is the things I’d like to do are less professional or career oriented now and more experiential oriented.  I still resist making a list, but here are three things that, right now, I think would be very nice indeed.

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