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For Christmas my wonderful wife gave me every second of every Star Trek original series, movie, and Star Trek: The Next Generation series on DVD.  It was a truly beautiful gift.  Since then, we have cobbled together enough time to watch all of the original series and the original six “Captain Kirk” films.  It is all a part of my plan to assimilate my daughters into the nerd collective.

As I watched the original six films again—starting with the Motion Picture, Khan, Spock, Whales, Awful, and the Undiscovered Country’s Ode to Shakespeare I was struck by some profound philosophical and moral teachings that I could hang my hat on.  Here are some of my observations.




Okay okay, its Star Trek for crying out loud.  Its not Kant or even Kafka.  Nevertheless, human nature faces these issues and I find they pop up even in our most mindless art. 

  1. My past is always with me even when I ignore it. 
  2. Sometimes I just can’t win no matter what I do. 
  3. The world around me is changing, and quiet honestly I don’t like it. 

Its at this point I turn the television off and come back to reality—the Scriptures.

  1. 2 Corinthians 5:17—in Jesus I am a new creation.
  2. Romans 8:37—even though the situation is tough and I often lose, in Christ Jesus eventual victory is mine.
  3. Hebrews 13:8—I have an anchor in Christ.  He never changes.
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